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Lodge News

November Stated Communication:

This month's meeting will be Monday November 28th meeting at seven, dinner at six ($10 suggested donation).  The meeting will be used to raise three candidates to the sublime degree of a master mason, lets have a good turn out for our new brothers on this most important day in thier masonic journey.

Jenks Annual Christmas Party:

Tis years Christmas Party is scheduled for the afternnon of Sunday December 11th.  This is always a great family event and all family is of course welcome.  We hope to see you all there!

Secretary Notes

Please update your mailing address with the Secretary if you have moved!

Do you want the Jenks Lodge Notice by email? Please email me to sign up - Jenkslodge@gmail.com

Do you need a ride to the Lodge?
Do you know of a Brother who is in poor health? Do you know of a Brother serving in the military? Have you heard of the passing of a member?

...if so, please contact the sectary at JenksLodge@gmail.com, or call 401-787-2381.

Life Membership Sale -
Use last years rate - $85.00


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