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Masters Message March 2018

Greetings Brothers,

There are times in everyone’s life when they see something which they know, in an instant, they will never forget. I had the privilege to be sitting in the east at our last communication when I had one of those moments; looking out at the crowd gathered for the Grand Master’s Visitation to Jenks Lodge and the Metro District. Not only did the crowd contain representatives of the Metro District Lodges, members of the Grand Lodge, members of lodges from two other New England states, our own Jenks Lodge class of Entered Apprentices, one potential candidate for our next class, and a number of our wives and significant others, but it swelled to the point of requiring three additional rows of seats be added on the floor so that we could all enjoy a rousing presentation together as one community in Masonry. These are the singular moments which come around all too infrequently and I would like to thank everyone involved from the Most Worshipful Grand Master to my own wife Jeni. The evening was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.

In a similar fashion, I hope that this month’s communication will be equally as unique. We will be hosting a presentation by representatives of RESOLVE New England, a regional non- profit dedicated to education and support efforts surrounding infertility and reproductive issues. They will be speaking to the current state of reproductive science and the options and support possibilities which exist today for those who have found it challenging to start a family of their own. Like our last communication, this communication will be coed, so we invite you to bring your wives and significant others, your family members, or even a friend if you are so inclined. Infertility is an issue which touches many people and often finding an outlet to ask questions and discuss options is the hardest part of the journey. I hope that this presentation and ensuing question & answer session will provide an opportunity for us all to gain a little more insight into what is often a difficult topic to discuss. We will be conducting business early that evening and going to recess for dinner at 6pm so that the presentation can begin promptly at 7pm. I hope you will come share in this discussion, and should you know someone who has been touched by infertility or reproductive issues in some way, I hope you will invite them to join you.

Best wishes and a happy start of spring to you all.. Jason Rainone WM – Jenks #24

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