It is indeed an exciting time for us as inoculations are on the rise and we creep closer to something we might recognize as normal.  A year that began as dark as night is now giving way to the gray streaks of dawn.  And with it we see our Brothers beginning to travel and support each other as we were over a year ago.  Bless the Great Architect for showing us the way in so short a time…a time that seemed so much longer than it was (or could have been).
On Sunday, May 16th at 10:00am we will be having a Memorial Service for Brother Terrence Goodwin The ceremony will be at Rumford Cemetery (located at 150 Newman St East Providence RI).  His grave is at the Greenwood Ave entrance to the cemetery.  The road ends in a cul de sac.  His will be the first on the left at the beginning of the cul de sac.  We will meet there.  I formally ask all Brothers available to come and help us bid a heart-felt farewell to our departed Brother.
At our May stated communication we will be witness to the hard work of our Entered Apprentice candidates.  Right Worshipful Brother Ryan Flynn of Phoenix Lodge in New Hampshire.  Brother Flynn is an education officer for the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire, and he will be doing a presentation entitled “I Became a Masonic Artist and so can You.”  This will be EA appropriate and I invite our candidates and any other Masons around the jurisdiction to join us for what is bound to be an entertaining and informative evening.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, Brothers.  But from the East things are beginning to look much brighter.  Let us bask in the light and love of our beloved institution, and endeavor to be tapers of the same to all we meet in our communities wherever so dispersed.
God’s love be with you all…in the light, and upon the square.
Stephen M. Stock
Worshipful Master