“I feel thins sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”
                                                                           -Bilbo Baggins

Good day to you Brethren,

I hope this message finds you well.
It may seem odd to place a quote from Bilbo Baggins in a Master’s Message, but I feel the sentiment is one with which we can all identify…especially these days.
As our labors resume once again we all have places to be and new routines to mix into old.  Some of us have picked up new responsibilities through COVID.  Some have been away for a long time and don’t quite know how to return.  Some of these are typical concerns long felt.  Some of these are new to us.  Please remember that whoever you are, or from whatever lodge, you are always welcome to return.  
Never feel the need to return to expectations.  The only expectation in the Craft is that we make the best decisions we can in each situation.  If you have to be at work, do it.  If you have to tend to family, be there.  If your faith demands your presence, honor it.  We will always be here.
As for being an officer or having other responsibilities in Masonry, do your best to honor your responsibilities.  Communicate as well as you are capable, and remember that while you are a volunteer, you are on your honor to live up to your promises.
I have been as guilty as anyone at times of being overwhelmed by life and my responsibilities.  I have gone off the grid more than once in my life.  And even now, there are things I must deal with that demand a lot of time and energy.  We all know how it feels.  Do your best, and stay in contact.  The well-wishes of your Brothers will be with you.
I hope to see you all at our next communication.  Be well.  And our best thoughts are with you.
Stephen Michael Stock
Worshipful Master
Jenks Lodge #24