Hello Wardens and Brethren,

When we started 2023, my focus for the year was to promote unity in the lodge and to give every member of Jenks the same feeling of pride in the lodge that I feel. I wanted to create an environment where everyone felt included and make the lodge feel like a place where everyone feels at home. 

To that end, in an effort to foster that unity, we’ve continued the long tradition of a Potluck Dinners on the third Sunday of the month, we’ve had two very successful events, so far:  The Annual Cigar Night and our Second Annual Speakeasy, both of which were well attended by many brothers from the lodge as well as the jurisdiction.  Our Stated Communications have drawn in brothers from all over the state and brought back a few Jenks members who were absent for a while.  Our Entered Apprentice Degree saw 10 men become Masons over the course of two weeks, both evenings, were again, well supported by the lodge, and our newest Entered Apprentices are already making the lodge their home and attending our events.

As the seasons change and the weather becomes warmer, I’m planning on hosting several get togethers at the lodge:  A cook out (or two…or three) at the lodge, a neighborhood cleanup, and of course more Potluck Dinners.

All of these events are designed to really emphasis the fraternal side of Masonry and to bring us all closer together as brothers and as a lodge. All are welcome to attend and most of our events are kid friendly, so family, friends and loved ones are always encouraged to join us as well. 

I’m so fortunate and humbled to be the Master of this lodge.  My goal is to continue bringing the brothers together in unity because I believe that as we strengthen the bonds of fraternity, we strengthen the lodge as a whole.

Fiat Lux, 

Robert C Frank

Worshipful Master