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About Alvin Jenks

This worthy and honored Craftsman was born in Pawtucket, RI on July 24th 1798.  He died in January of 1856.  Of his early life there is but scant information.  However enough is known to say with reasonable certainty that he was a young man of much promise and that he was well instructed in the elements of a good education.  He was trained for business pursuits, and, in 1830, entered into partnership with David G. Fales (a fellow brother of Union Lodge No. 10), for the manufacturing of cotton machinery.  The business carried on under the name of Fales and Jenks and proved to be very prosperous.

Bro. Jenks sustained an excellent reputation in the community where he lived.  He was respected as an enterprising and public-spirited citizen.  He and his descendants  liberally gave to the community he lived in.  Alvin personally donated four acres of land to Central Falls and in 1890 it was used to create a public park.  Jenks Park is still located on Broad St and the iron umbrella pavilions were originally built by the Fales & Jenks machine company.  The park continues to serve as a gathering place for public events. The Jenks name is attached to many of the historic sites in Pawtucket and Central Falls and stands as a testament to not only Alvin Jenks, but to Freemasonry’s dedication to the community.

In 1866, a new Masonic lodge was organized in his name and thus an abiding memorial exists to perpetuate the memory of this exemplary brother who lived his life by the ideals of our noble craft.


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