Greetings brethren,

Yet another year is quickly coming to an end and the brothers and officers of Jenks Lodge are reflecting on the year just past and preparing for the year to come.

We held our last stated communication for 2021 on Monday the 20th of December.  During this meeting we recognized the accomplishments of several brothers, including welcoming the newest members of Jenks Lodge, Jose Lopes, RJ Landry, Mike Berendsen, and Miles Bonalewicz and recognizing brothers Henry Chango, Hiram Jamiel and Richard Belford who were awarded their 25 year pins.  It was a great night and a great way to end 2021.

As January approaches and I find myself just weeks away from potentially being elected Master of the Lodge, my emotions have ranged from excitement, for what we can do next year, to concern, for what could go wrong, to humor, at how difficult it can be to find a hat to fit my head, to pride, in how everyone is coming together to make this lodge the special place it has always been, and to some small degree sadness, that 2022 may be the last year I am a line officer in the lodge I love and cherish.

The main focus of the upcoming year will be fellowship.  Many of you have expressed the concern that we haven’t done enough together as a lodge, and while much of that was a result of COVID here is a quick preview of some of the events we have planned for 2022: 

Our annual Cigar night will be on February 21st, followed a month later by a “No Rules” Adult Only Pinewood Derby on March 19th.  Our largest event, the Club 24 Jenks’ Speakeasy night featuring a live four piece band and a 1920s theme will be held on April 30th. The “Death at a Tea Party” murder mystery will take place on September 10th, and we will end the year with a Ladies at the table on December 3rd,  Contact me or the secretary for more information on going to, or assisting with any of these events. 

The expected 2022 officers, board and committee members are already working hard on the events above as well as new opportunities for charity work in the community and of course the conferral of the kind of solemn degree work every candidate deserves.  That, when combined with the expected line up of speakers, makes for a year where I believe there is something for everyone to find interesting and give them reason to be at lodge in 2022.  Many brothers (both officers and non officers) have been a great source of help and inspiration this year and the assistance you have provided and continue to provide has made this lodge what it is, and you all have my personal gratitude for your efforts.  I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Craft and this lodge in particular.

Our Annual will be held January the 8th with a 4:30 open for the business meeting with a semi-public installation to begin approximately at 6:00.  Dinner and dancing will follow at the celebration that follows, come, and bring your significant other and let’s kick off this year with a bang!

With your support we will have a great year.  And I am looking forward to working together with all of you to make that happen.

Mark Lomastro, SW