In the days just before our 2022 annual the Covid pandemic sent another wave at us and over forty brethren and friends notified me they would be unable to attend due to infection or close contact with someone who was infected, including several of our officers as well as members of the prologue/installation team.  Undaunted everyone pulled together and many last minute substitutions were made.  I could not have been more pleased with how the annual and installation proceeded under RW:. Baccus’s lead.  Some of my closest friends stepped in and filled in where needed, giving a more personal feel to the night for me.  In the end, almost eighty brethren, friends and family joined together to celebrate this new year for Jenks Lodge with the last guests not going home until after midnight.  It is a night I won’t soon forget.

Our January communication, the first of our new year, was also quite memorable.  The new officers and I opened the lodge for the first time in our new positions after our official installation, and we were honored to host the Most Worshipful Grandmaster for the evening.  Several new applications for membership were read, the brethren voted and approved two applications for initiation and also approved the affiliation application for RW:. Michael Picard making him the newest member of our lodge.  Grandmaster Robert B. Ellston, RW:. David Lancaster, and RW:. Ron Reed (all Past Masters of Barney Merry Lodge) were presented with engraved bricks from the Pawtucket Temple that Barney Merry and Jenks once shared, not only as a memento of the building but of the fraternal bonds we share. W:. Jason Rainone capped off the meeting by giving a fantastic presentation on Greek Philosophy.  This meeting, I feel, truly marked the start of my term as Worshipful Master as well as those of the officers in their new roles.   We have been planning meetings and events and rehearsing our ritual for months, but this meeting was when we stood before you, our brothers, and had our beginning.  When we laid the first corner stone to support the endeavors of the lodge for the upcoming year

The next meeting marks another beginning.  This time the beginning of the journey for our newest candidates.  We may have over ten candidates going through the Entered Apprentice Degree, as such we are making a few accommodations.  First, we will be opening the February 28th meeting at 5:30pm, in the 30 minutes before dinner we hope to get most of the usual business of the lodge completed, including balloting on several candidates.  At 6:00pm we will go to recess for dinner, upon returning at 7:00pm we have several 50 year medals to be present by the DDGM and then we will perform the first section of the EA degree on five candidates.  On March 7th we will have a Special Communication at 7:00pm for the conferral of the first section of the EA degree on the candidates who need it and the second and third sections on all candidates.  

I hope to see many of you at these next two meetings, this is the beginning for our candidates, and the foundation of everything that will come for them for the rest of the year as well as the foundation for us for future years.  We may be initiating the Worshipful Masters of our future so let’s give them the most memorable degree we are capable of with the sidelines full of brothers showing their support for them and our lodges new beginings.

Yours in the Craft

Mark Lomastro WM