As the lodge completes its second month of the new year I look out at my brothers and officers I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by such good men and their families. And I want to start this message with a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported the Lodge this year, you are what makes this lodge work so well!

February’s Stated Communication began a little early as we knew we had a lot of work to do. We were joined this month by our District Deputy Grand Master RW Rick Baccus who was there to present Brother John Dipanni and Brother Bob Kania with their 50 year medals.  It was a distinct honor to be part of this celebration of two members who have devoted so much of their life to the craft. 

It was a very busy meeting, as we also took up the work of making new Masons.  Jenks received almost a dozen inquiries about becoming a Freemason in the last three months and eight of them completed their application process and were approved by the lodge members to begin their journey in the Craft.  As such the officers of the lodge have worked overtime in the past few months, rehearsing and preparing for the Entered Apprentice degree.  

On February 28th, at our regularly stated meeting, we began initiating our new candidates, and four new masons were made, Chris Cuhna, Jason Sprague, Jedry Davila and Matthew Lomastro, whose last name should look familiar to you, as I indeed had the pleasure of initiating my son that night.  One week later on March 7th, we opened a special communication of the Lodge in order to initiate four more candidates, and on this night  Craig Adams, Nicholas Shepard, Andrew Wessner and Aristottle Eiefsiades became our newest Masons. Next time you are at lodge be sure to greet these new brothers and welcome them to the Craft.

I think we have had a great start to the year.  Jenks has hosted several successful events already, the Jenks Speakeasy has sold out, and we have eight new candidates who have made their first steps. 

We will continue to keep our foot on the pedal as we move into the spring, So be sure to eep your eyes open for our monthly Potluck dinners, the DDGM’s official Visitation on March 28th, The “No Rules” Pinewood Derby as well as the Fellowcraft Degree in June.

Yours in the Craft

Mark Lomastro, Master