Fortitude, Prudence, Temperance, and Justice

The cardinal virtues of Masonry were the focus of Jenks’ May communication.  

After an enjoyable dinner the Lodge was opened in the Entered Apprentice degree at seven o’clock.  The secretary cleared his desk and the bills were read and ordered to be paid. Motions were made and voted upon, and all was going as planned, until the lights flashed and dimmed and then went out altogether.  The lodge was called to recess, and some of the officers went in search of candles while others went to check on the electrical issue.  Candles were lit, and just before we were about to call the craft back to labor, word came to us that the electrical issue may actually case a fire hazard so using that virtue of Prudence we asked the brethren to exit the building.  The lodge was quickly closed in form with the assistance of RW Douglas Grant and then the officers joined everyone else outside as the power company was contacted.  

Standing on the front steps in and seeing how nice it was outside, it was decided that we would not let the building issues bring our night to an end.  The brethren and guests moved to the parking lot and RW Mike Jazabek gave his presentation on the relationship between the four masonic cardinal virtues and the characters from the Star Wars movies.  It was definitely not how he planned to give the presentation, but he did a great job and the presentation was well received by all.  After the presentation commercials were given and many of the Brethren stuck around to enjoy each others company for an hour or so.  As the last began to leave, the sky opened up and a heavy rain fell on the then empty parking lot bringing the evening to a definitive end.

This meeting did not happen the way we planned it, but the Brothers and Officers of Jenks Lodge pulled together to make it a great night anyway.  Thank you all for all your understanding and assistance on what was a challenging, but enjoyable evening.

The Officers of Jenks Lodge will be traveling to Philadelphia on June 4th to the 5th to present Bro. Harry Harotoonian with the Lester Gavel in recognition of his 73 years of service to the craft.  We would love to have you come with us for this special event.  We will open a Special communication of Jenks Lodge in the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania on Saturday the 4th and then go out for dinner before spending the night in Pennsylvania.  We do have a van that can take 15 brothers if you don’t want to drive yourself.  If you are interested contact me or the secretary as soon as possible so we can reserve the right number of rooms (Expected cost for the room will be About $100-125 if you share a room with another brother)

June’s meeting will be the Fellowcraft Degree, the officers and candidates have been working hard for this night so please plan on coming to support our newest members.

Yours in the Craft

Mark Lomastro, Master