Our last meeting saw us pass six candidates to the degree of Fellowcraft, I wan tot thank everyone who came out and supported the candidates and our officers for working so hard on putting together the degree.

Summer is now here and things slow down a bit for a few months, but there is still activity! In August on the 14th is Grand Lodge’s annual picnic at Buttonwoods, and on the 21st at noon we will be having a family and friend cookout, everyone is welcome, bring a chair, a side dish to share, BYOB and lets have a great day!

On September 3rd at Three is the Senior Wardens Social in Warren, Keep your eyes open for emails with more details there!

Our next meeting is September 26th and it is th Grand Master’s official visitation to the Metro district. We have an excellent speaker, Oscar Alleyne, who always draws a crowd, so make your reservations for dinner early!

May you all have a fantastic summer, I can’t wait to see you all again real soon!

Mark Lomastro

Master Jenks #24