Greetings Brethren,

The year seems to be just flying by.  It is already November and Jenks just finished raising all six of its candidates to the sublime degree of Master Mason.  I could not be prouder of the officers of this lodge who devoted so much of their time to learn and perform the degrees this year.  The degrees (both in Rhode Island and in New Hampshire) went well and our candidates are now on the last leg of their journey to becoming full members of Jenks in December when they will complete their proficiencies and sign the bylaws of our lodge.

It is an odd feeling knowing that I am just two months away form completing ten years as an officer of Jenks Lodge and have learned the last of the ritual for the degrees that I am obligated to perform.  As I type this message during my lunch hour I realize it is the first time in as far back as I can remember that I do not have any ritual to rehearse.

This month’s meeting will feature Ryan Flynn presenting on an Introspective Approach to the Entered Apprentice Degree.  Ryan is a great friend to the lodge and has presented for us in the past and has always been an excellent and entertaining guest.  November’s meeting is also the night we will vote on the Member of the Year award, nominations end the day before the meeting. so don’t miss this night.

Finally, this year Jenks Lodge will sponsor families in the Riverside area to provide holiday presents for them.  The lodge has kicked this off with a $500 donation and we also received some contributions at our last meeting, but I wanted to spread the word for anyone else who wants to contribute to this cause.  Any amount is welcome! 

A cheddar up page has been created and donations can be made there if you like, or bring a few dollars to contribute at our next meeting.