Greetings Brethren,

I can’t believe the New year is almost upon us.  It feels like 2022 just started and here we are in December.  This year was filled with great events, charitable work, fraternity and the raising of six new brothers to Master Masons.  As I look forward into next year, as the current “Wishful Master” and hopefully Worshipful Master, I hope to expand on each of these.  

The planned masonic year for 2023 will be focused on Unity.  My goal is to increase the Fellowship of the Lodge.  This Lodge has been through a lot over the past 3 years, moving towns, mergers, pandemics, etc. and through all of these challenges we faced, we still have yet to become One Lodge.  Whether you started in Union, E.L. Freeman or St. Andrews or joined to affiliate with us, Jenks # 24 is OUR Lodge.  St. Andrews Temple is OUR temple.  My goal is to foster a sense of ownership in the Lodge and the temple for all of our members. This is our home away from home. Pot Luck dinners will continue on the Sunday before our stated communication.  ALL ARE WELCOME TO COME.  This is not just for the officers but for the Lodge, family and friends.  We will be hosting several events to build fellowship and to aid in our charitable contributions.  February, as usual will be our annual Cigar Night, Club 24 Speakeasy will be held in April and a Brewery Tour of Rhode Island to be held in May, just to name a few.  

I’m excited to announce that 2023 will be filled with some excellent speakers, including W. Randy Boone in January, RW Andrew Hammer in March, RW Chris Busby in April and in May we will be conducting a joint meeting with Collegium Lvminosvm.  These evenings are sure to bring thought provoking, entertaining programming for the lodge.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual on January 7, 2023 and to a prosperous New Year

Fiat Lux,

Robert C Frank

Sr. Warden 

Jenks Lodge 24

Riverside, RI