Wardens and Brethren,

As many of you may know several brothers and I traveled to Glen Mills, PA last weekend to spend some time with our current Lester Gavel holder, Harry Harootunian and opened a Special Communication of Jenks Lodge on June 3, 2023.  This was a very special occasion because it marked (to the day) Harry’s 75 Masonic Anniversary and we presented him with a commemorative plaque to celebrate his longevity in The Craft.  After the meeting we enjoyed an amazing dinner prepared by Harry’s son Lee and his daughter-in-law Linda.  

Harry was in great spirits and even made a friend with a Philadelphia Past Master, Larry Miller, who joined us in our meeting, dues card at the ready! They shared stories of their days in Masonry to a captive audience of brothers and gave us some great advice along the way. “Remember every day.”

After dinner we said good-bye to Harry and his family and told them we couldn’t wait to come back to visit again, we then found a nice cigar bar near our hotel and continued the evening telling stories, sharing laughs and enjoying each other’s company. 

This to me is what Masonry is all about.  The Fraternal bond between brothers going on a road trip to visit another brother and the stories that will be told about the trip for years to come.

I’ve also been recently reminded and have spent some time with local brothers who could also use a visit from the lodge. The strength of the lodge comes from you, from the bonds we build with each other and the years of dedication we have all given to each other and the lodge.  I ask that you reach out and contact a brother that you haven’t seen is a while to check in and say hello.  You never know who could use a pick me up from your call.

Fiat Lux

Robert C Frank

Worshipful Master

Jenks No 24