Wardens and Brethren,

What a busy October we’ve had!  Our candidates experienced the Inner Door ceremony, performed a wonderful proficiency and were raised to the subline degree of Master Mason, with a special Second Section performed by The Most Worshipful Grand Master, The Sr Grand Warden, Right Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master, Several RW Assistant Grand Lecturers, Right Worshipfuls, and Worshipfuls, all who are Past Masters and Members of Jenks Lodge.  This will be a memory I hope our candidates will cherish as much as I do. I am eternally grateful to the Past Masters and Officers of the lodge for giving their very best to the degree and the candidates.  Thank you all!

October Continued with our Annual Eldon S Goldenberg Symposium this year was well attended (including all nine Master Mason Candidates!) and a big hit.  RW Brother Sr. Warden Kirk White from the Grand Lodge of Vermont spoke to several chapters of his book Operative Freemasonry: A Manual for Restoring Light and Vitality to the Fraternity.  A book he described as “A manual to running a lodge.”  Among the subjects he spoke on, Mentorship and the responsibility the lodge has to our candidates. Our job as officers and members is to not only be present when the lodge sends “all due signs and summons” but to mentor our newest Masons to ensure they want to be productive, active members of the lodge.  I will personally be volunteering my time as a Mentor and will be looking for a few members to do so as well. 

Looking forward to November, our candidates, not letting off the gas, have asked to perform their Master Mason Proficiency and sign the bylaws at our November 27th Stated Communication, to which I said “Absolutely!”  I love the drive of this class and their eagerness to become active Master Masons of the lodge. Our guest speaker for the evening will be RW Chris Busby of New Hampshire. 

Nominations for Member of the year are also now being accepted.  If you know a brother that has gone above and beyond the call this year, please submit his name and a brief description of his achievements to jenkslodge@gmail.com or by clicking on the “Nominate a Brother” button in the Member of the Year email sent out by Brother Secretary.  Nominations will close by our November 27th Stated Communication, then will be published by the secretary for the voting process.    

Fiat Lux,

Robert C Frank

Worshipful Master

Jenks Lodge No. 24